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Wood Temple

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  • Wood Temple
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  • 5.6 ft height x 6ft width x 2ft deep , 90kgs(apx)
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    Honouring the lord through worship and adornment is indubitably the chief means to obtain peace, success, joy and contentment. We are after all products of the eternal lord’s creativity and at best our future is laid at his beckon and call. A majority of the world believes in the infallible existence of God though their perception of god is through different forms and figures. History and tradition have since time immemorial, demonstrated that this is indeed a phenomenon that existed with every culture, nation and tradition. Whether it is war or peace, or for the general well being of the society in principle, rulers and commoners alike have portrayed their unshaken faith in god even in the face of utter chaos and catastrophe.

    While many chose to visit these temples of faith routinely, certain devotees who had a higher sense of devotion and spirituality conceived the idea of installing a mandir at home with the belief that their living spaces will be continuously blessed by god and fortune bestowed on them. Thus began this culture which progressed rapidly, and the devout began to get creative in crafting these mandirs and competed against one another using different materials such as stone, metal and wood craft. The kings and the rich used to adorn the lord in mandirs made of gold and silver while the commoners chose wood. However as time passed, the concept of using wooden mandirs became most popular and in almost every Hindu home one could spot a puja mandir made of wood.

    One of our finest pieces of art, this magnificent mandir is simply a product par excellence. The glossy finish of this marvelous puja cabinet gives it a general look of splendor and grace. This beautiful mandir is crafted to house three principal deities, with the central deity being flanked by subsidiary deities. The structure of the cabinet is based on a rectangular pedestal which is four footed and bordered with a finely engraved moulding. Over this rises the main platform which is surrounded by a parapet of neatly positioned railing with entry posts equidistantly stationed along the front. The railings continue at the opposite sides till the rear of the structure and are paused from the continuance by the pillar quarter which rises to hold the roof. The backdrop of the Pooja chamber contains elegantly etched rosette designs on the either sides while the central space for the principal numen contains a larger floral mural.

    The roof is adorned with a chief sikhara flanked by twin sub shikaras. Before the chief finial sits a pediment within an arching structure run asides with a gently carved railing. All around the roof are miniature ball type finials which salute the pinnacle. The border of the roof is given a gently engraved filigree which runs all around the edge of the roof. This wonderous piece of traditional Indian temple art is a brilliant abode to your three most favoured deities.