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Rosewood Pooja Temple Home

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  • Rosewood Pooja Temple Home
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  • 48"H x 24"W x 18" Deep, 25kgs(apx)
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    In India since ancient history, the great kings from the dynasties of Mauryas, Guptas, Magadhas, Chalukyas, Cholas, Pallavas, Pandyas, and many others had demonstrated their great faith in the Hindu religion and its deities, and were chiefly instrumental in laying strong foundations for this creed. The concept of the Hindu dharma and the construction of temples was given a rock solid footing by the great kings of these massive empires through the construction of mega temples and temple towns, and today with good fortune, that tradition is kept alive and glorious even after the passage of millennia. The temple architecture flourished under these benevolent kings which found expression in some of the most important temples of the Hindu orthodoxy.

    However when the faith in Hinduism was at its peak, the country began to be invaded by the Afgans who found easy footing here due to the lack of cohesion among the Indian kings. They intruded into our culture and spread easily through the fissures between our rulers and sowed themselves firmly. As the Indian kingdoms succumbed to these infernals, some of these extraneous rulers, over a period of time decreed that Hindus cannot visit temples anymore for worshipping their deities. This eventually led to certain creative devout incepting the concept of the home temple or the traditional Pooja Mandir, which is followed to the tooth even to this day.

    In line with this tradition, we at poojamandir.com have come to possess the skills and craftsmanship of our ancestry and continue with the tradition of crafting some of the most beautiful and graceful designs in the creation of Pooja mandirs.

    This charming creation is of a light rosewood make and comes in a lovely finish carrying all the artistry of the traditional mandirs and also has doors to the garbagriha. Structured on a squared base and given regular curved feet, the base on its top border is etched into a lovely circumambulating floral design. Atop this base is the traditional puja cupboard or a draw with a single knob around which a gentle engraving is done. Over this is the domain of the deity in a closed set, cornered with elegantly sculpted pillars. The doors at the centre on either side are cut into three equally spaced vertical hollows in the shape of a bell. From the top of these hollows are hung traditional metallic bells which ring when the doors are opened, awakening the lord from his rest and putting him back to sleep when closed. The doors are fitted with a pair of brass handles to operate them. An image of your favourite deity may be placed in the mandala ensconced within this protected space.

    The roof is again modeled along the nagara temple style in two tiers where between the posts, runs a gently carved railing. The kalasha becomes the base of the pinnacle abutted by twin urushringas. All the finials are of a ball type and Waterford styled. The picture portrayed by the cabinet is one of simple design with its own grace and appeal.

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