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  • 5.5 ft height x 3.5 ft width x 21" deep
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    The entire gamut of Hindu philosophy is linked to Dharma or righteousness. In Hinduism dharma holds the whole fabric of creation from the infinitesimal to the macrocosmic. It is the omnipotent law of the Supreme Being. Dharma is the cornerstone of happiness and immortality. It is the infallible truth which encompasses all acts and deeds including thoughts and practices that exalt the character of man. It is the divine that dharma comes from, and it is to the divine that it leads. Anything that aids unity, love and universal brotherhood is Dharma. Things that foment hatred and bring about discord and disharmony are Adharma. Adharma is the foundation of papa or sin. In order to reach the path of god, the only route is dharma.

    We are all guided by our worldly needs, passions and desires. Many times in our daily lives we are compelled by temptations, obligations, pressures or compulsions to veer away from the path of righteousness or dharma and many of us tend to successfully succumb. The fear of god tends to dissipate for the moment and the realisation of the gratification appears more wanton. For salvation or vimukthi one must never trod on to the path of adharma. It leads into sin and destruction of the soul.

    The strengthening factor of one’s faith is prayer, puja, worship or meditation. Worship of god is an amazing attribute one can have as it empowers his faith and acts as an extremely potent force to guide him in the right path and prevents being led astray into the ways of adharma. By instituting the lord in our homes and work places, we can seek the strength of his munificent grace and protection from being tempted into adharma.

    This Pooja mandapam made in teakwood is an exquisite example of splendid workmanship and brilliant artistry and could be a worthy mount for your favoured deity. This magnificent wood crafted wonder is an allure to the eye and a seat of reverence and will ensure the aura of the deity who takes residence here. This beauteous cabinet is mounted on swan shaped feet with a pedestal, the edges of which are adorned in a symmetrical molding. Atop this base is located a twin draw on either side for holding accessories required for worship and accoutrements for the lord. The Pooja chamber has a backdrop with a richly carved floral mural at the centre. The pillar foursome rising to the roof, hold it aloft over the figure of the lord. A pair of addorsed sea horses sculpted into excellence stand in heraldry on either sides of the rear end of the cabinet.

    From beneath the umbrella of the roof from either side at the front, hang two proud pendants, over which the delicately engraved eaves hang from the roof. The vimana of the temple is three tiered with imposts and ornations abutting on each side progressing from the amalaka to the kalasha and finally to the sikhara.

    The general feature of this finely crafted mandir is grandeur that speaks in every facet, level and corner. A truly magnificent abode to honour the lord in!