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Puja Mandir

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  • Puja Mandir
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  • 40" w x 30"l , h 96 ", 70 kg (apx)
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    We are all products created from the whims of the Supreme Being. Our lives and destinies are ordained by the almighty and inevitably it is what he proposes that occurs. The power of god is beyond all human comprehension. He who has created the universe and everything that exists in it has supreme power of which we can fathom only through intense faith. The concept of Hinduism doesn’t arise from an individual deity unlike other religions which came into existence based upon individuals such as Jesus Christ for Christianity, Prophet Mohammed for Islam, Guru Nanak for Sikhism and so on. Hinduism is not based on any one deity, rather it encompasses all the forces of eternity and that’s what makes it unique. Salvation of the soul lies in bhakti or devotion alone, and how we render worship of the all powerful god goes a long way in expressing our faiths.

    Traditionally the puja room in a Hindu home is placed in the North East, the North or the Eastern sides. The puja room should always be on the ground floor and the altar or the mandir located on the north east side of the puja chamber. The image of the deity should face either East or the West, and the mandir should be atleast an inch away from the wall.

    This sturdily built mandir is graciously embellished and is a worthy abode for your favourite deity. Crafted on a trapezium base and stood on carved and curved feet, the platform holds up the rest of the structure. The puja receptacle is located directly over the base and contains a central draw. On either sides of the draw the panels contain a lovely rosette in the centre. Above this draw the mandapa is placed for the deity to be seated. The entrance porch is beautifully adorned with twin posts abutting each other on the opposite sides. Between the posts extending to the base of the main pillars are delicately engraved murals which act as railings.

    The four piers draw up towering to the roof to hold it aloft. The top of the pillars hold delicately engraved brackets or joists which provide extra support to the roof while improving the look of the structure. The sanctum is slightly extended to the front from the backdrop of the vestibule on which the figure of the lord can be seated. Over this are crafted three arches abutting each other directly appearing beneath the roof. The roof hangs out over the pillars giving optimum protection to the sanctorum. The vimana of the mandir is three stepped with railings on all the three steps articulately positioned with beautiful posts each rising over the other from either sides. Above these steps rises the apex of the cabinet and three shikaras adorn the very top. At each level the cornices are delicately crafted and placed, which give the overall structure an urbane appeal. A stunning piece of artistic mastery which can be a respectable emblem to the venerable lord!

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