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Rosewood Temple Sale

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  • Rosewood Temple Sale
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  • 26 "w x 40 "l, h 60 ", 40 kg (apx)
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    Since time immemorial, the one force that the world of humanity has looked up for spiritual guidance and divine support is the omnipresent and omnipotent God. Whether it is kings or clergy, emperors or commoners; the role of the Supreme Being has always been indubitably influential in our lives. It is believed that kings the world across, used to be guided and directed by their beliefs and often used to take crucial decisions only after consulting the rishis, the high priests or oracles, who they believed could communicate with the divine god. God hence is bestowed with the highest honour and everyone would compete against one another to demonstrate their esteem of the favoured deity.

    Installing the lord in this magnificent piece of art is a depiction of our supreme faith and esteem. One of our most cherished, favoured and sought after mandirs, this piece of glorious architecture is resplendent with grace and exoticism. The glorious rosewood temple cabinet is mounted on a seeming hexagonal base complete with beautifully sculpted swan shaped feet and over which rises the pedestal. This pedestal is bordered with a parapet of carved railing, intermittently spaced with miniature dome topped posts all around. Over this is the sanctorum, beneath which is a draw for holding puja aids. The sidings are carved with rich murals of floral design. The mandapam is placed above the draw on which the seat of the deity commands a porch ostentatiously adorned with twin posts on either side.

    The mastery with which this structure is sculpted is reflective in the equine figures which majestically rise on their legs facing away from the sides. The garba griha is ensconced within these rich engravings and surrounded by a lovingly rounded quartet of pillars which proceed upwards to support the roof. The entablature of the roof consists of elegantly carved railings that are beautifully adorned with large circular eared ornamental designs, which abut the dome of the structure. The pyramidal dome is surrounded by a two stepped railing that is bordered with a concurrent design. The dome prominently displays a symmetrically designed pediment flanked by twin posts on the either side. Over the top of the pyramid sits the amalaka or the acroterion from which rises the pinnacle in a magnificently carved circular sculpture. An engraved leaf design slopes along down to the bottom of the pyramid on either side. The entire structure of this wonderous puja cabinet is one of sheer brilliance and clever skill.

    Though millennia have passed and centuries progressed, our devotion and faith in god continues to sustain and edify our lives through his most powerful and mystical power. It is imperative that we honour his presence by portraying him in the highest view. This example of traditional Indian design is an artistic expression of true mastery and skill and is certain to invite the attention of lord himself.

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